Why do kids need Safe Place?


safeplacelogoKids experience many difficult situations — problems at home, issues at school, trouble with peers, being locked out of the house, riding with an unsafe driver, or being in a dangerous situation on a date.

They also leave home to escape abuse or neglect, drug or alcohol abuse by family members, or because they’re told to leave. Sometimes, youth feel that they don’t belong, and leaving home is often not a choice they want to make. Yet, national agencies estimate that between 1.6 and 2.8 million youth run away from home each year.


No matter what the reason, young people do have a safer alternative. They can go to any designated Safe Place site to get immediate help. Children and teen deserve access to a Safe Place and a chance to work through their problems with the support of caring adults. For further information on Safe Place, visit their website at http://nationalsafeplace.org/.

The Greensboro Sportsplex
is a registered Safe Place facility
2400 16th Street
Greensboro, NC 27405